Swiss and cross-border litigation

Conflict is inherent to human relationships. This is why dispute resolution is at the heart of the lawyer’s profession.

Because of Geneva’s economic attractiveness and its international role, disputes often have a cross-border or international dimension: flows of people and capital, contracts between parties domiciled in Switzerland and abroad, commercial activities carried out abroad but directed from Geneva, choice of Geneva and Swiss law for dispute resolution.

The team of Forty-Four Avocats has extensive experience in civil, criminal and administrative law. We are familiar with the procedure which is often decisive for the course of the proceedings. We are used to complex litigation involving many parties, many of whom are abroad.

The judicial route is not the only way to resolve a dispute. Mediation, which is developing a lot in an institutional framework, and arbitration (see International arbitration [link]) are the main alternative dispute resolution methods.

Forty-Four Avocats works with its foreign correspondents on a daily basis to assist its clients when the resolution of the dispute requires close coordination between proceedings taking place in several countries.