Company law and governance

From sole proprietorship to corporation, via the simple partnership, the limited partnership or the limited liability company, there are many forms that entrepreneurs can choose for their activities.

Forty-Four Avocats can advise you on the choice of company and draft the documents that relate to its existence: articles of association, organizational regulations, shareholders’ agreement, etc., in order to harmoniously manage the relations between all the stakeholders, such as managers, partners and investors. Nowadays, good corporate governance involves taking ESG factors into account at several levels: strategy, human resources, financing, for example.

We can guide you not only in the creation, but also in the transformation or liquidation of your business. In the course of its evolution, a business may be sold or transferred, for example through an acquisition or merger or by a transfer of assets and liabilities. These transactions are usually complex, and we have experience of them. Where appropriate, we take into account the international dimension of your project.