Foundations and associations

Switzerland offers an ideal framework for setting up and managing private and charitable foundations. Its comparatively liberal legislation encourages their creation and facilitates their work. State supervision is unbureaucratic.

The same applies to associations, whose legal framework is extremely simplified and offers great freedom of organisation. The fundamental difference between an association and a foundation is the existence of a general meeting of members, which is the supreme authority. This basis means that the association is exempt from state supervision, unless it is part of a subsidised public policy.

Forty-Four Avocats assists you in the establishment and governance of foundations or associations. This includes drafting the articles of association with the assistance of a notary, advising the governing body and assessing the tax implications of your project.

We advise in particular non-governmental organisations, associations and foundations on their governance and activities. We also defend your interests in the event of a dispute with a foundation or association of which you are a member, founder or beneficiary.