Debt collection and bankruptcy

Whether as an individual or a company, we are all confronted in our business dealings with situations in which a third party owes us money or we owe money to a third party.

Forty-Four Avocats will advise you on the best way to obtain payment from your debtor, who may be solvent or insolvent, or to defend yourself if you are exposed to legal proceedings: amicable agreement, seizure proceedings, freezing injunctions of bank or other assets, adjournment of bankruptcy, bankruptcy or arrangement proceedings, etc.

Our team will accompany you in all phases of these very technical procedures, whether before the debt collection and bankruptcy offices or before the civil courts.

Forty-Four Avocats regularly acts on behalf of creditor companies based abroad who wish to take action for recovery in Switzerland on the basis of a contract, a foreign judgment or an arbitration award that has become res judicata.